See me in person!!!!!!

  • Southern California Handweavers' Guild "Weaving & Fiber Festival (WeFF)"
    Sunday November 1st, 2009 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Torrance Cultural Arts Center 3350 Civic Center Drive, Torrance CA Free Parking, Admission $5
  • Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Frolic
    August 29, 2009 @ 10:00 AM La Crescenta Woman's Club 4004 La Crescenta Ave La Crescenta, California

Fiber I'm Spinning

  • Merino/Tencel on Watery Depths on Audrey
  • Batt Leftovers on Knudert Denim Pine
  • Merino in Wine Celler on Victoria

What's on the Needles

  • Knitwits Heaven: 5 Hour Baby Sweater for Alex In Rimini Rainbow
  • Fiber Trends: Fulled Bunny for Alex
  • My Brain: Rainbow Blanket for Alex
  • Bea Ellis: Let it Snow Hat
    Chartruse and Grape
  • Simply Splendid Socks: Green Socks in GGH Marathon

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Mmmmmmm...bull pizzle. We used to buy the long ones and cut 'em down with a pvc pipe cutter. The kids still come running when they here it click.


That puppy is verging on illegal cuteness! I remember when my pup was just a little one (a goldren retriever puppy is just a goofy, good-natured puff ball). Too much!

Where do you find out about these great swaps? I always miss them! :-)


I've been tempted by Cool Socks Warm Feet many times but have never seen it live and in person. Sounds like the workshop was wonderful. And now of course I'll have to buy the book after looking at all th beautiful stuff she brought to show you guys. Besides, she carries a chicken purse. How cool is that?


Oh the joy of finding a soaking wet bull penis on your pillow when you wake up from the alarm. It'll happen, trust me.

My father works at a Petco and when he went to a convention for pet treats and toys and those were introduced he about died laughing.

Wheezie loves them, she thinks they are the most wonderful thing in the world and will chew on them until they are stringy and leave said stringy bits on the carpet for you to step on.

Lovely things indeed, the other day James and I discovered they have really long ones as well, toddler height. Being such a height we witnessed a blonde haired girl holding one as if it were a dance pole and twirling around it. Practice perhaps?


Cute puppie!!!! And lots a yarn and tea!!!

How're the wisdom teeth holes healing up?


Pizzle? The Bella Precious was too adorable. Even Eleanor was unable to resist her despite the gnawing.

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